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Tired of the inconsistent growth on your lawn? Give your lawn a makeover by opting for the sod from Stockmeyer Sod Farm! Expect us to provide the sod delivery and installation as well. Let us take care of other issues like grading, drainage, or poor soil with our sod.

Useful Tips for Sod Care

  • Test the sprinkler heads to make sure there is good head coverage
  • Water the sod immediately, within 30 minutes of sod installation
  • The Sod needs water and ground contact to survive
  • You can add fertilizer to the ground before the sod is laid. This is not necessary, but can help the sod take root faster. The proper type of fertilizer to use is 16-20-0 or 16-16-16. Rake it into the top inch of the soil; follow directions on the bag for proper amounts.
  • The best time to water the sod is early morning and late evenings.
  • For the first two weeks, depending on the weather situations, water the sod 2-3 times per day. For about 10 min, make sure the sod is moist, NOT SOGGY. Short frequent watering is best for the first two weeks.
  • Areas near buildings, curbing, or areas where there are smaller pieces of sod. Or any areas that are showing signs of the sod drying out require hand watering. Smaller pieces of sod will dry out faster because they have a harder time retaining water. Any sod that is turning brown is not getting enough water, and should be tended to.
  • Weather conditions can greatly affect the sod. Make sure the sod has the proper moisture to survive.
  • After 2 weeks, the sod is beginning to establish some rooting into the soil, so you can begin watering longer and less frequently. Early morning is best when watering at this time.
  • Rolling the sod after installation is not necessary, but it does help the sod take root quicker, and also may help eliminate air pockets that may occur when walking on the sod.
  • During the first two weeks of sod installation, avoid heavy use of your sod. Meaning continuous walking on it, so that the turf will remain smooth.
  • When mowing the sod for the first time, set the deck at a high level. It is best to keep mowing at this level throughout the summer too because it reduces heat stress.
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